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reFresh Capital Campaign


Announced at the State of the Church address on June 30, 2015, the reFresh campaign has three improvement/update priorities:



  • replace our 1964 education wing boiler with current energy-efficient boiler system.

  • replace 24 non-functioning PTAC room units throughout the education wing.

  • Install internet/network accessibility throughout the building and a multi-media capable classroom on each floor of the education wing.



Education Wing Boiler Replacement


The education wing boiler was from 1964 and was functionally obsolete and energy inefficient. The former boiler has been performing on borrowed time since 2002. A contract from Air King was accepted by the board in July 2015 and the new 93.6% energy efficient boiler was installed in late October, 2015. The purchase was financed by a combination of funds, investment accounts, and assets held by the congregation. Total Cost of Boiler Replacement:  $38,300 -COMPLETED

Former Education wing boiler
PTAC Room Unit Replacement

Each room of the education wing is equiped with at demand PTAC units to heat and cool. Most of these 1970 era units are no longer offering air conditioning. Replacement units are available to fit in the existing unit cabinets. Each unit costs $1700. 

Parlor 2 units


Dove Children's Clothing Room 1 unit


Golden Circle Classroom 1 unit


Sunshine Classroom 2 units


Clothing Sorting Room 1 Unit


Elementary/Youth Classroom 3 units


Crib Room 1 Unit


Food Pantry Room 1 Unit


Christian Comrades Classroom 2 units


Senior Pastor Office 1 unit


Associate Pastor Office 1 Unit


3rd-4th Grade classroom 1 unit


High School Classroom 1 unit


Christian Women's Fellowship Craft Room 2 units


Christian Builders classroom 1 unit


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Internet Accessibility & Audio-Visual Classrooms


Decatur Computers and Lighthouse Electric formally installed our internet accessibility network in April 2019. The Golden Circle room has a smart tv installed. Work towards updating the Sunshine Classroom with similar equipment begins in 2020.  

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