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Weddings @ Prairie Avenue

The marriage service is sacred, and one of the most beautiful of all the services of the church. It is never just a social event, but is always a worship service in which two persons, in the company of their relatives and friends, commit their lives to each other under the blessing of God and are united in holy wedlock.



Does the bride or groom need to be members of the church?

Non-members of Prairie Avenue Christian Church wishing to be married at Prairie Avenue must attend at least two worship services prior to the wedding. Our worship service is at 9 am Sunday. It is our desire that the wedding is part of an on-going relationship between God, the wedding couple, and the congregation as partners in faith and life. If there is no ongoing desire for an on-going relationship of regular participation in attendance, financial support, or service, there is not much reason to have the wedding here.

What is the seating capacity and choice of facilities?

Weddings may be held in the Sanctuary which seats about 225, or our Parlor, which could hold up to 70. The ministerial staff is very reluctant to conduct weddings in other places (e.g., in a home, park, etc.) A reception may be held in the Fellowship Hall, with Social Committee of the church serving the reception.

Is my minister able to perform the ceremony?

If you already have a spiritual home for worship, you are strongly encouraged to utilize their facilities and their staff for your wedding. The minister of Prairie Avenue Christian Church must officiate at all weddings.  When it is the wish of the bride or groom to invite another member of the clergy to participate in the ceremony, this desire should be made known to the minister of Prairie Avenue Christian Church, who will join the bride and groom in extending an invitation to the guest clergy.

What music is available or allowed?

Only our church organist can play for weddings. The organist fee is $100.00.

Any soloists or guest musicians are expected to have experience and ability to present their message of music adequately. Rehearsals with the organist are expected.

Since the wedding is a worship service, all music must be appropriate as an offering to God. The use of pre-recorded music is discouraged. Appropriateness of all music for the service must be approved by the Minister of Music.

Is there required counseling?

The couple will be expected to meet with the minister three times, for approximately one hour each. The initial appointment will be counted as one of these required meetings, and the minister will decide at the end of that first appointment if he/she can perform the wedding.

Additional Information

Additional information, including a complete list of fees, responsibilities, and expectations is available here.           

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